In a time when Electronic music is invading the airwaves, and the old guard of Rock shuns the novelties that ban electric guitars, Radiohead, subtle and unclassifiable, has been able to bring together these 2 generations. Far from the Dance floors, Radiohead with the help of saturated guitars, piano, Ondes Martenots and electric effects, is above all Rock Poetry, an emotional music which addresses to the heart of its audience. With 9 albums, all very different from each other and reflecting the musical changes from 1993 to 2016, the group continues to move forward and experiment. Becoming rare today, each of their concerts is sold out, and as their music evolves, their repertoire focuses on their new songs.

Pranohead is a tribute band which offers a selection of Radiohead's greatest songs. This in order to offer its audience the experience of a journey through time with a sincere and faithful interpretation. With 15 years of international stage experience, the artist Robb TITO created this tribute band in January 2020 in south-east of France. Paranohead is bringing together 6 musicians and a technical team, all professionals and fans of Radiohead. With Robb on lead vocals, there is Jean-Sébastien Blanc on drums, Florentin Alcelay on bass, Rémi Amadei and Arthur Inglebert on guitars as well as Jean-Daniel Peyrard on keyboards. The Show Wizards are Jérôme Tempier, Mathieu Davignon, Roxane Micalef, without whom the experience would not be complete.


Paranohead music group


8 Octobre 2021 (19h)


Marseille (13)

29 Septembre 2021 (18/19h)

Parc Chanot, Foire Internationnale

Marseille (13)

18 aôut 2021

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13 aôut 2021

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